The Pineapple Pup | Our Favorite Dog-Centric Hotel

Whenever it’s possible and plausible we love to travel with our pup! She enjoys new smells to sniff, strangers to befriend and cuddly beds to curl up on so we do what we can when it comes to including her! While there are plenty of hotels that are “dog friendly” the fine print tends to state that they do not permit leaving your dog alone in the room and charge a hefty price per night on top of the room fee, something I don’t find very “friendly”.

A while back we finally found the solution to our dilemma… StayPineapple! This boutique hotel chain has 10 locations in premier cities and a common theme of loud style and puppy love. Since our discovery last summer we have stayed in three of those ten locations; Hotel Z in San Diego, The Maxwell in Seattle and Hotel Rose in Portland. You can take a peek at our stay in San Diego here.

We love how much they love Kona! The dotting staff is always equipped with treats and with the Pineapple Pup Package you have access to dog beds, bowls and waste bags! Of course their little husky mascot, Dash, hangs around the properties as well, soaking in the scenery or reading a good book. And if that wasn’t enough attention to dog-detail for you there’s even a little sign in the lobby to greet the dogs by name!

Kona loves cozying up in a nest of the duvets so much that she doesn’t really notice when we step out of the room for a pet-free dinner. While we’re away we hang the clever door hanger that states “My owner is out exploring (please go away)” so she’s not disrupted by housekeeping and when we’re our on a family walk we flip it to say “My dog is out exploring (please clean my room)”! Of course housekeeping isn’t coming in until after your visit at the moment (COVID-19 precautions) but its the thought and clever idea that counts!

The cleanliness of their properties is 10/10 considering how many dirty paws cruise in and out of the guest rooms, tracking city filth around after a fun day exploring, and I can vouch for it pre-COVID standards as well! Their sheets and duvets are always a crisp white while maintaining a cloud-like fluff and I’ve never seen a tumbleweed of dog nor human hair. The Tommy Bahama shower amenities are a sweet smelling treat, too! Another thing I noted in my previous post, but we think it’s so clever that the restrooms exclusively feature walk-in showers, as opposed to tubs, so it is easier to rinse paws.

While other hotels claim to be “dog-friendly”, we can confirm StayPineapple is dog-hospitable! They make traveling with Kona so much easier and we appreciate their inclusive business model. Also a fun coincidence, the owner’s name is Michelle and we seem to share a lot of things in common!

Also a tip worth nothing: StayPineapple runs some great deal packages so make sure to check them out before booking! When we booked our stays in Seattle and Portland they were offering a DoorDash voucher, waived parking fees or waive pup fees! It’s always those little things that add up and make a big difference so keep your eyes peeled for their next big deal!

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