Why Ethical Exploration

I’ve been compiling ideas, changes and personal choices on my Notes app for years now and rather than sit on that information I want to share my little thoughts on how to help change travel into something more ethical than the existing version. Whether you’re cruising through your hometown, your native country or on the opposite side of the globe there is always a little something you can do to improve the planet’s day, as well as your own!

Who I Am

Just a girl with her hospitality degree in one hand and her passport in the other, my travel journey began back when I was 19.  Rather than starting with college and then traveling I put adventure and exploration first when I took off to see what the world had to offer! Upon my return a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management seemed to be the obvious path for me to take and it ultimately led me to my passion in making travel a more ethical, sustainable and conscious. 

What I’m About

With every year that passes I find myself growing more and more passionate about sustainability within the tourism industry (and the world in general), wildlife activism and eco-awareness. I can’t say I am a professional but I am a major enthusiast, always seeking new ways to be better in my daily life! Spreading knowledge of the harm and mistreatment that can come to locals and animals alike by way of irresponsible tourism practices is my goal in life and this is one way to share what I know.