Local Lavender | Ethical Excursions

Of all the adventures I have daydreamed up over the past year France seems to be a reoccurring location– be it Paris, Reims or Marseille– but lucky for me Provence doesn’t seem to be the only place to find picturesque lavender fields! So many months of being grounded (literally) and cooped up at home has really given me a chance to look at my surroundings … Continue reading Local Lavender | Ethical Excursions

Spooky, Scary, Sustainable Thoughts | Holiday Helper

Tourism and sustainability don’t always go hand in hand. While tourism can be great for the local economy it isn’t always the most beneficial for the surrounding environment. For example, pumpkin season in Half Moon Bay! Every year people from all over the Bay Area and greater NorCal flock to the small coastal town for the weekend-long Pumpkin Festival (cancelled this year due to COVID-19) … Continue reading Spooky, Scary, Sustainable Thoughts | Holiday Helper